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This pure and organic rose water is made from fresh rosa damascena blossoms, harvested at dawn when reaching aromatic peak. Rosa damascena is a hybrid of rosa gallica and rosa moschat. This blend gently helps tone, soften and soothe skin, restoring skin`s beauty and renewing complexion.

By delivering a healthy boost of moisture and essential micro-nutrients, it promotes a dewy complexion and naturally fresh, youthful appearance.

This precious water is contained in a 100% recyclable amber bio-glass bottles  made from miron recycled glass. The amber bio-glass helps to preserve the energetic qualities of the plant essence.

Hydrolat Concentrate Distillation™ is a steam-distillation method developed by Alteya, proven to obtain flower waters that capture the most complete range of aromatic plants benefits. Their flower waters are distilled solely to obtain richer composition, with full concentration of hydrophillic aromatic components.

About Alteya Organics

Alteya Organics was born in 1999 but growing and caring for roses has been a family tradition for over a century, since the early 1900s. Their organic rose fields, shielded by the slopes of two majestic mountain ranges, are in the heart of the Bulgarian Rose Valley, the land of Thracian Kings and home to the world’s finest flower - the Bulgarian Rose.

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Alteya Organics

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