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Nourkrin® WOMAN 30 Tablets
  • Nourishes the hair 
  • Supports the normal hair growth cycle 
  • Contains Marilex & Biotin 

These tablet are a safe and drug-free supplement for women to nourish the hair and support normal hair growth. Despite the many causes of hair thinning and hair loss, achieving normal growth requires supporting and maintaining a normal Hair Growth Cycle. Nourkrin WOMAN - with the unique Marilex - helps support, normalise and maintain the Hair Growth Cycle by providing the correct nutrients to the hair follicles.

Up to 60% of women will experience some form of hair growth disruption in their lives – you are not alone. When dealing with a serious condition such as hair thinning, you deserve factual information and honest advice.  With Nourkrin WOMAN you get what you deserve, namely real results based on proven research, analysis and factual scientific data.

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Nourkrin® WOMAN 30 Tablets

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