Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies

Dr. Bach observed through his work with his patients, that to bring about real and lasting healing it was necessary to treat the cause of illness rather than just the symptoms. Ahead of  his time, he understood that the true cause of illness could be found in the personality - in the mental and emotional patterns through which we view ourselves and the world around us.

To treat these personality patterns he discovered and developed 38 different flower remedies which have today become known as the Bach Flower Remedies. Each remedy is a correcting vibration for a state of mind or emotion that needs to be gently rebalanced. Since the body is a direct reflection of the mind, transforming negative vibrations into positive good vibrations allows the body to respond naturally with better health.

Please note that while Flower remedies are not intended to replace medical treatment,they can be used in conjunction with, and to complement, any other form of medicine.

Stressful events such as a: driving test, an examination, speaking in public, shock  or an argument -  can be calmed instantly thanks to Rescue Remedy.

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