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With the desire to create a brand of natural, ecological and vegan cosmetics in the most glamorous way possible, Benecos was born and surprised the market with its high-quality natural products for the face and body, style, modern design and BDIH certification.

Its name is the combination of the words bene, from the Latin "good", and cos for "cosmetics" - literally meaning cosmetics for good!

And following the philosophy of offering good cosmetics, Benecos has a wide range of products that generate a very positive impact on a person’s health and the environment.!

Benecos is the first line of modern natural cosmetics with an alternative to conventional makeup products, with the benefits of vegetable and organic ingredients.

Benecos offers 100% natural products of the highest quality, which do not harm your skin or the environment. All products are BDIH certified and free from parabens, silicones, paraffin, preservatives, fragrance or PEG and synthetic colours. They are also designed and made without animal testing.

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Benecos CC Concealer

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Benecos Lip Brush

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