Dudu-Osun African Black Soap - Fragrance Free - 25g

Black Soap 25g

Wholesome ingredients such as dried plantain skins, palm leaves, and cocoa powder just to name a few are gently hand blended to perfection with healing Shea butter in a delicate process used traditionally for hundreds of years in West Africa, the results are an amazingly effective all natural beauty product without even a drop of chemicals. No artificial colors. No preservatives. No harsh chemicals.

Black soap also referred to as Anago Soap or Ose Dudu is a natural source of vitamins A & E and iron. The delicate natural formula makes black soap perfect for hands, face, body, and even hair care. A large majority of the black soap available is produce in Ghana and Nigeria, however other regions also have additional versions with specific recipes (formulations) varying on the region.


Just add a small amount of water to the Dudu Osun African Black soap and it will lather naturally. Use morning/evening on face and body. It is also suitable for use on hair


Palm Kernel Oil, Ashes of Burned Cocoa Bean Pods, Water, Natural Glycerine, Shea Butter, Honey, Lemon Juice, Lime Juice, African Sandalwood(Camwood), Whole Leaf Extract of Aloe Vera.

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Dudu-Osun African Black Soap - Fragrance Free - 25g

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