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Earth Mama Angel Baby Morning Sickness Relief CD


Don’t take morning sickness lying down! For many women, having morning sickness is an every day occurrence in the first trimester. This Morning Sickness Relief CD was created to relax, calm and help to alleviate some of those symptoms in a completely natural way.
It’s hard not to feel depressed, lethargic and downright awful when dealing with morning sickness. This CD helps to get you back on track so you can once again enjoy the beautiful nine-month journey your body is on. Pregnancy should be enjoyed--a time of excitement and anticipation, though it’s hard to think so positively when you’re battling feelings of nausea. The Morning Sickness Relief CD helps you start enjoying your pregnancy and leave those feeling of nausea behind you.
You’ll learn relaxation techniques that are designed to brighten your outlook and help you maintain a positive outlook toward becoming a mother. You’ll start to feel better, both in your mind and in your once topsy-turvy tummy.

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Earth Mama Angel Baby Morning Sickness Relief CD

  • Product Code: NSC02266
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  • €15.95

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