Kinvara Skincare is the passion of Joanne Reilly PhD, a doctorate of science with a fascination in the magnificent healing powers of natural ingredients.

"At Kinvara Skincare we continue that tradition and combine it with scientific innovation to harness and distill the power of plants, seaweeds, vitamins and minerals into fantastic products for your face and body. Each ingredient is chosen with care and after much research for a specific purpose - you can buy Kinvara Skincare products with peace of mind knowing you've got a quality product you can trust".

"It is very important to us that Kinvara Skincare be as sustainable a business as possible from the selection of ingredients and packaging through to the recycling of waste".

In addition to being made in Ireland Kinvara Skincare also use Irish ingredients such as rapeseed oil, seaweed and beeswax along with other organic, fair-trade and plant based ingredients. Using local makes sense but Kinvara Skincares' commitment to sustainability continues with their use of minimal, recyclable packaging - why charge customers more for a box that goes straight in the bin?

Indeed, and why go organic for that matter, isn't 'natural' good enough? Well your skin is the bodys' largest organ and can absorb up to 60% of what's applied to it! Many products can claim natural ingredients at very small % and so much of what's available is not just poor quality but is actually causing skin problems - we've all heard about irritants such as the foaming agent SLS and questionable preservatives such as parabens - there are many other suspect ingredients but you won't find them in Kinvara Skincare. We only use food-grade emulsifiers, our preservatives are approved by the Soil Association, we don't use fragrances, synthetics or animal derivatives.

As with all products Kinvara Skincare recommend you do a simple patch test first - if you'd prefer your products without essential oils then contact us and we can make you up some without essential oils - that's the beauty of being a small company obsessed with giving great customer service.

Joanne Reilly

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