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Organic Treatments

1. Treatment Menu

2. Etiquette, Cancellation Policy, & What to expect during a massage

3. Benefits of Massage

Treatment Menu

Available at Alchemist Earth, 43 Thomas Street (Beside Bella Italia), Limerick 061317881

Organic Facial 1hr €75

- A Rejuvenating organic Facial to hydrate, balance and tone the skin with the powerful yet gentle nutrients of nature. Also includes a relaxing face, shoulder, neck and scalp massage.

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Organic Mini-Facial 30mins €40

- A Rejuvenating organic mini-Facial to hydrate, balance and tone the skin with the powerful yet gentle nutrients of nature.

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Full Body Massage 1 hr €55

- A Swedish massage which promotes relaxation eases muscle tension and creates a host of other health benefits including circulatory, lymphatic and respiratory systems.

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Aromatherapy Massage 1 hr €55

- A Swedish massage using aromatherapy oils (renowned for their therapeutic qualities) to ease tension, alleviate pain, balance mood and uplift the spirit. We use signature Cowshed organic essential oils based on your needs at the time of the session to soothe, invigorate or deeply relax

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Back Massage 30 mins €40

- Designed for the problem areas of the back. Nourishing almond oil tones the skin, while our healing hands soothe and comfort. The aches will melt away.

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Leg Toning Massage 30 mins €40

- This is a luxurious 40-minute massage that manipulates deep tissue to reduce the orange peel effects of cellulite. Treatment begins with a vigorous dry body brushing to aid lymph drainage. Legs are then massaged using our cellulite busting plant oils that stimulate cell renewal, regenerate the skin and visibly improve the skin structure.

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Face, Neck & Shoulder Treatment 30 mins €40

- Gentle Cleanse and exfoliation followed by a massage using Organic Carrot, Evening Primrose and Rosehip Facial Oil.

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Cleanse and Make Up application 30 mins €25

- A gentle organic cleanse followed by a professional make up application using organic mineral make up. Ideal for those with sensitive skin. Get gorgeous; get glamorous without the nasty toxins.

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A course of any 6 of the same value treatments can be purchased for the price of 5.

Phone 061- 317881 for an appointment.

All treatments are carried out by our trained beauticians in our tranquil therapy room. We use only 100% natural & organic skin care, as opposed to harmful, chemical products. This is fundamental to our therapy philosophy.

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Spa Etiquette

  • A trip to Alchemist Earth should be a relaxing experience, so with some simple guidelines, we can maximize the enjoyment of your treatment experience.
  • Therapists: We only have female therapists for both genders. Our approach is holistic for the total rejuvenation of body mind & soul. A misbehaving guest will be asked to leave & the charges still remains.
  • Punctuality: Please arrive in plenty of time for your appointment. Regretfully late arrival will constitute reduced treatment time, but will be charged at the full rate.
  • Medical Conditions: Prior to your treatment please ensure that your therapist is made aware of any medical conditions including pregnancy.
  • Avoid at all costs: No smoking, eating and drinking in the premises. No alcohol. Switch off or place on silent mode your mobile phone.
  • General: Communicate with your therapist about any pain or injuries and provide feedback during your treatment.
  • Gratuities: These have not been included in our treatment fees as we leave this soley to your discretion.

Our Mission

  • We have a holistic approach to beauty therapy & all of our beauty and holistic treatments are delivered to an exceptional standard.
  • We strive to deliver consistently high standards of client care at all times.
  • We do not use chemical products during our treatments and instead we use and promote beautiful, natural, non-toxic skin care products.
  • Our consultation process ensures that your treatment is tailored to your individual needs.
  • During your treatments with us we aim to provide a healing & holistic haven in which you can feel cocooned from the world outside.
  • A cosy, aromatic candlelit room, soft, clean towels and relaxing music will ensure that your time at Alchemist Earth is a truly relaxing experience!

Cancellation Policy

Please give 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel an appointment or 50% of treatment fee will be charged.

(If you have a Gift Voucher or Pre-paid treatment 50% of amount will be forfeited if you fail to give us 24 hours notice when cancelling your appointment)

All treatments can be purchased in courses of 6 (pay for 5 and get 6th free, however the full amount must be paid at beginning of course).

All prices are inclusive of VAT & are subject to change without prior notice.

What to expect during a Massage Treatment

Prior to treatment, a brief Consultation with therapist takes place

You will be asked to undress (keeping underwear on) while the Therapist is out of the room, and lie face down on a treatment bed. The Therapist will knock on the door to ensure you are ready before re-entering the treatment room. Towels are fixed, and the Therapist will ensure you are comfortable and warm.

Massage oils are applied to the body (except Aromatherapy), and the massage begins starting with the back, and the back of the legs. You will then be asked to turn over so you are face up. The massage continues on the front of your legs, abdomen (if you wish), arms, upper chest, and finishing on the neck and face.

You are underneath the towels at all times, and only the part of the body being treated at any one time is uncovered.

After the massage, the Therapist leaves the room so you can get changed.

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Benefits of Massage

  • Massage promotes relaxation and well being thereby sedating the Central Nervous System
  • Massage calms the Mind thereby reducing tension, mental stress, anxiety and depression
  • Massage helps to put the brakes on the bodys stress response by lowering levels of hormones such as adrenalin and cortisol, thereby helping to restore balance to body and mind 
  • Massage stimulates all the systems of the body, improving the flow of energy, thereby reducing Fatigue, Low Energy and Sluggishness
  • Massage aids a better Sleep Pattern
  • Massage improves the Digestive System by reducing stress levels (Massage can allievate constipation and gas by improving the peristaltic action of the small intestines and colon. It strengths the muscular walls of the intestines and abdomen and reduces cramping or spasm in the digestive tract)
  • Massage soothes General Aches and Pains, PMT, Migraine, Headaches
  • Massage encourages the release of Endorphins-  the bodys natural painkillers and feel good hormones thereby helping with Pain Management in conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, muscle spasms
  • Massage Improves Blood Circulation which delivers oxygen and nutrients to every cell in the body
  • During massage, the heart rate slows, the heartbeat strengthens and High Blood Pressure is reduced as pressure is taken off the veins and arteries
  • Massage Improves Immune Function by stimulating the Lymphatic System (which carries away the body’s waste products) thereby also reducing Fluid Retention/Swelling/Bloating
  • Massage prevents and relieves muscles cramps and spasms thereby improving muscle function and flexibility helping muscles to function at optimum level
  • Massage improves Skin Tone by boosting circulation, reduces cellulite and improves Skin Texture and Elasticity by encouraging the production of sebum

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