Crystal Spring

Crystal Spring

Crystal Spring exists to deliver the best natural cosmetics and toiletries. In 1993 the company founder came across a crystal deodorant at a trade fair. Having disliked traditional antiperspirants for some time he immediately saw the potential of the product. Crystal Spring Natural Body Deodorant, was launched in 1993 and was joined by Travel and Spray variety in 2005. In 2008 Crystal Spring had a major rebrand, over seen by the UK Design Council, which saw it's deodorant products rebranded as 'Salt of the Earth'™ and a detox range as 'Detoxology'™.

Crystal Spring continuing to innovate in both our packaging and formula with the aim of consistently improving their products. Recent innovations have included new Travel Spray packaging and the addition of Honeysuckle Extract (a new and exciting natural antibacterial) to their Spray deodorants.

Recently, Crystal Spring Labs has been developed, to really champion their passion for product development. Crystal Spring Labs will focus on creating innovative new products using the latest developments in natural ingredients.

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