Eskimo-3 Fish Oils

Eskimo-3 Fish Oils

There's Something About the Eskimos

We are so proud of our unique Eskimo-3 fish oil that we want to share with you the secrets surrounding its origin. Sourcing and developing innovative, remarkable products is something we have always done at PPC. Being directly inspired by the Greenland Eskimos, we feel that Eskimo-3 is that extra bit special and as our most successful product, worth telling you a bit more about.

In the Beginning...

It started over 20 years ago when two physicians, Bang and Dyerberg, visited Greenland to observe the Eskimos. They noticed that although Eskimos consume large amounts of fat, they avoid many of the conditions associated with a high fat diet. This was thought to be because they consumed large amounts of Omega-3 EPA and DHA fatty acids.

The low death rate from heart disease among Eskimos, about 1/10 of that in many Western countries, has led to interest in the beneficial effects of fish fatty acids. These fatty acids are abundant in the Eskimo diet, where their content is 20 times higher than in the European and the American diet. Among the Eskimos not only heart disease but also joint and skin diseases are uncommon. These three groups of diseases are ten times more common among Scandinavians than among Eskimos. See table below.


Having published over 400 papers, mainly in cardiovascular medicine, Professor Tom Saldeen decided to undertake further research into these revolutionary ideas. He concluded that these fatty acids are indeed highly beneficial to health but are often significantly lacking from the Western diet.

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