John Masters Organics

John Masters Organics

Still using harsh chemicals in your shampoos, styling gels, skin moisturizers and soaps? Do you know they were created as cheap substitutes for organic compounds that do a superior job. Everyone at jmo will tell you it is better for the body and the earth to simply return to the source: super natural botanicals. All john masters organics product ingredients must meet strict guidelines :

  1. No sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, DEAs, MEAs, or TEAs
  2. No GMOs (Genetically Modified Organism)
  3. No petro-chemicals
  4. No animal testing
  5. No artificial colors, fragrances or fillers
  6. Ingredients must be as organic as possible
  7. All plant extracts and essential oils must be certified organic whenever possible
  8. All essential oils used must be steam-distilled and not extracted with propylene glycol - which kills the effect of the oils
  9. All plant oils must be cold pressed, not heat distilled - which kills the therapeutic properties of plant oils
  10. All ingredients must be proven to be beneficial to the hair or skin
  11. All ingredients must be harvested in an environmentally-friendly manner (wild-crafted)
  12. All ingredients must be biodegradable as possible
  13. Fair-Trade ingredients must be used when possible

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