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OptiBac Probiotics

OptiBac Probiotics

My name is Jalal and this is our story: My sisters and I started up the OptiBac Probiotics brand in 2004 with the help of our father, under the company name Wren Laboratories Ltd. Dad had dedicated over 35 years to working as a successful community pharmacist, and given our passion for health & wellbeing, we were keen to move into something with a stronger focus on natural health. We had all been blown away by taking probiotic supplements ourselves, and were excited to discover more about the possibilities of probiotics and health.

We love what we do. Every day, we receive excellent reviews for our supplements from people around the world, who tell us that their quality of life is just a bit (or sometimes a lot) better thanks to OptiBac. We're based near Andover, in the beautiful county of Hampshire (UK) where my sisters and I grew up, and we now have a small office in London as well. Every day at lunchtime the team get together and the extended OptiBac family meets to talk about upcoming projects, and we also read one or two reviews out loud. Walking back to your desk knowing that somebody out there is feeling well and happy because of what you do, is the best motivation.

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