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Seavite Super Nutrient Intense Moisture Body Cream - 200ml
A unique range of health and beauty products based on the therapeutic properties of seaweed. Indeed, the therapeutic merit of seaweed can be aptly described as one of nature’s timeless treasures, fostering beauty, balance and vitality. Seavite brings the therapeutic benefits of seaweed into your bathroom.
Seavite Bodycare Ltd is an Irish Company engaged in the development of body care products based on the therapeutic merit of seaweed.  Seavite aims to “bottle the goodness of the sea to enhance people’s health and well-being”.
The product range can be used on the most sensitive of skin as only the purest of ingredients are used for production to ensure maximum absorption through the skin and therefore maximum benefit. They are formulated to the highest medical standards using only finest of natural ingredients sourced in an environmentally sustainable fashion.
Seaweed cells contain all the elements vital to life – vitamins, minerals proteins, etc – and thus have a beneficial effect on anybody who comes into contact with its regenerative powers.
Seaweed has the following naturally occurring properties:
Natural skin barrier due to its high polysaccharide content.
Natural antioxidant which is an important factor in preventing accelerated skin ageing.
Naturally occurring detoxifying agent – as seaweed is physiologically identical to human plasma.
Naturally occurring sun filter as research is showing that brown seaweeds from the focus family can absorb and neutralize UV rays.
Seaweed helps moisturise even the most sensitive of skins.  Its marine and botanical extracts soothe surface irritations, and it is excellent after exposure to sun and wind, along with other dehydrating conditions.

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Seavite Super Nutrient Intense Moisture Body Cream - 200ml

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